Friday, December 21, 2007

New Names, New Samples

So during the past week when I was trying so hard to avoid my deadlines I threw in another one. I chose to apply as a teacher for an event in 2008 and had a stack of paperwork to fill out. And of course decided one of my class offerings had a boring name and sample. So now "Photos On Fabric" is called "Vintage Vignettes" and will have an optional kit available. And of course I needed a new sample. I had purchased this fabulous photo on ebay... inquiring about copyrights first so that I am sure I can use it. Ten minutes in the studio and a couple hours of stitching waiting for a band concert and during hockey play-offs. Amazing what you can get done if you have a project that can come along in your purse. (And I only carry little bitty purses!)


Deb said...

This is so cool!

Thanks for your comments about singing time. I'll for sure have to try some of your ideas!

I've enjoyed looking over your blog - you are very talented!

Linda Teddlie Minton said...