Monday, January 21, 2008


What do you do when you are procrastinating a deadline? When you don't want to do what you know you really need to get on with doing!?

My website links to my blog by saying something about only posting "when I have time... which is only when I'm avoiding a deadline." Like today. I need to make a couple of quilts for a show and I just want to do something else.

So I made another sketchbook cover.

And here is another doodle. From a few weeks ago. All the doodles I've made recently turned out ugly. That's fine. Doodles aren't meant to be your masterpiece... they're just doodles.

4" x 6" matted at 5" x 7"
$25.00 each
Now I really need to get into the studio and force myself to work. I'm having discipline problems.

Really, I'd love to hear what your favorite thing to do is when you are "procrastinating."


Amber said...

My favorite procrastination tools:
reading blogs, especially from family,
checking for new pics of family on flickr,
thinking about maybe posting myself.

Carole said...

My favorite procrastination tools: looking at artist sites and blogs; cleaning up my studio. Actually, cleaning my studio is a GOOD thing because I always find missing tools, materials and sketches & notes for new projects.


Kim said...

You know, Lyric, don't look at it like procrastination... think of it as inspiration. You never know when some of these things will show up in the work you feel as though you are procrastinating about. At least these are the things I tell myself. :)

Have a Lovely, Creative Day!

brohammas said...

I think that lizard has potential. It turned my mind to American Indian designs, circa our childhood.

Ever thought of doing some patterns/quilts in a Hopi or Navajo style?

Amber said...

I agree with our bro. I especially like the sun in this doodle.