Tuesday, February 5, 2008

That Happy Glow!

OK. I love being a mom. Really I do. But let's face it. The immediate rewards can be hard to appreciate. No paycheck. The only way you get time off is to pay for it yourself - arranging childcare which you then pay for with money or time. Not only do you never get an "attagirl!" but the people you are trying most to help are fighting against you much of the time, bless their little hearts.

No wonder I glow when this happens.

That's my artwork, my words, right there looking lovely in Quilting Arts Magazine. One reader actually wrote to tell me that her ENTIRE university class showed up the morning after it arrived in Canada with the article in hand. Amazing how far a "thank you" can carry you. I've been dancing all day!

Hmmm. I'll have to remember to thank my lovely husband and children for the good things they do. They probably don't hear "thank you" often enough either.

In other great news, Play With Paint will open for registration this Saturday at Quilt University. The start date is March 15th. I'm really looking forward to seeing seeing what people come up with when they lose some of their inhibitions and just PLAY! I absolutely love teaching. And this is a great opportunity. I get to stay home with the munchkins and play with my grown-up friends too. Hope to see some of you there!


samsa777 said...


Carol said...

Lyric, your class doesn't show up in the registration list on QU
I can't wait for my copy of Quilting Arts to arrive.

Susan D said...

I found you blog on a comment you left on Carol's blog (Textile Tales) Your article came just at the right time. I've been wondering how to frame some of my textile work.

Lisa said...

Yea! You really do give my bragging (about you) crediblilty!
Your Sis

Kathy Wagner said...

Congratulations! I have signed up for your painting class on QU and am very excited to start painting again! I'll have to run out an get the new Quilting Arts and read your article!

bearberry said...

Congratulations! Just found you out here in blogland and then there you were in QA mag. I have two young children, so I love hearing about how you work with 5! It's heroic!

PaMdora said...

You're right, no one hears thank you enough, and if they do they don't remember!!

Thanks for the great article in QA, I appreciate you sharing your ideas, and K know that there's a lot of work behind the scenes to get something like that published. You go girl, and take some time off for yourself. Although your kids and hubby may not realize it at the time, a self-satisified mom and partner make a much better person to share a life with.