Monday, September 28, 2009

Open Studio Tour

Want to see something cool and scary? Quilting Arts magazine's STUDIOS issue is hosting an Open Studio blog event.

That's not the scary part. This is the scary part. October is the month where I teach a lot (schedule here) so I'm putting together kits and supplies. I bring a lot of stuff for my students. That includes books and DVD's and lots of fun surface design goodies too. Last spring my studio was gorgeous in preparation for it's spread in Studios Magazine.

Um - not right now. Want to see some real life Studio work in progress? Watch this at your own risk!

It's always a ton of fun to see where someone else works isn't it? You can see a whole bunch more studios starting October 3rd at http:/


Grace said...

Isn't it funny how well we clean up....and the difference when we let things

I will be joining the others in the virtual studio tours and.....I cleaned up (just a bit though). YOU are a brave women Lyric!

lyric said...

yeah well - it actually doesn't look this bad most of the time - just when I'm getting ready to teach!

I'm trying to pack for a very supply heavy class (I bring almost everything for the students) for both this weekend and for Houston - it's a disaster!

michele said...

Thank you Lyric for letting me show my hubby your studio and bring home the fact that "no dear, it doesn't just happen at our house."

Jeannie said...

Ah, it looks like home and I don't have the excuse of teaching. Thanks for the tour and safe travels. Cheers.