Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Name That Newsletter - Whadyathink?

I absolutely LOVE hearing from you all. I knew you were smart and clever and would come up with some wonderful ideas. Thank you so much for your comments and keep them coming!

One friend suggested that it would be good for me to develop a consistent "brand." In other words my website, blog, etsy shop, and newsletter should all be recognizable as being from the same person. That makes sense to me. My official business name is "Lyric Art" so if you have anything that incorporates that I'd love to hear it!

Here are your suggestions thus far in no particular order. I've starred the ones I'm leaning towards but I'd love to hear more before I make a decision. Since you all have been so wonderful I'm going to add a second prize, a boxed set of six note cards. I'll have one of the kids pull a random number from a hat for that one. So keep the suggestions coming! If you have another idea go ahead and let me know! Winners will be posted Friday morning!

Lyrical Letters*
Lyrical Notes
Lyric's Lyrics
Waxing Lyrical
Lines from Lyric
Lyrically Speaking*
Lyric says enter here
Lyric's Headlines and Deadlines
Notes From Below the Surface
The Stitching on the Wall
Poetry in Motion
Lyric's Playground
Lessons from Lyric
Notes and News from Lyric
Noteworthy Lyrics*
Words by Lyric
Lyrical Moments*
Learn with Lyric


Cathy Spivey Mendola said...

Congrats on your quilt making it in the PAQA-South show!
I really like Lyrically Speaking as a name but I also have a suggestion to 'throw in the hat'-- Lyrical Vision.
Have fun picking out a name.

Jamie Fingal said...

a lyric or two

Tassi Smith said...

Lyric's Threads

ElizabethFerry Pekins said...

Lyric Art Appetizer

Lynn Weathers said...

Artful Lyrics or Artistic Lyrics or The Lyrics of Art.

Just trying to incorporate both "Lyric" and "Art".

Lisa said...

Lyric Art 101

Lyric Art Letters

Letters from Lyric

Lines from Lyric

or add Art to those for

Letters from Lyric Art
Lines from Lyric Art

Judith Glover said...

Since I really like the pun intended in Noteworthy Lyrcs, I am going to suggest Noteworthy Lyrics by Lyric Art.

Judith Glover said...

There is another reason I thought of Noteworthy Lyrics or Noteworthy Lyrics by Lyric Art. Music is very important to your family and it shows up frequently in your work.

A recent wonderful example of this theme is the soaring violins in Soaring II that was just accepted into ARTSQUILTSIlluminations. When I look at that quilt I think of the actual music soaring through the air and I want to sing along with it. That's a good feeling for someone like me who can't sing (or fly)but likes to pretend I can.

Judith Glover said...

Oops, make that Soar III. I wasn't really trying to rename yor artwork.

Jackie said...

Lyric Art Letters

Listen and Learn from Lyric Art

Lyric Art lessons

Lyric Art Newsletter

Melly Testa said...

How about Lyric's Verse

Candy Farmer said...

Here's one - A Lyrical Life
I am an admirer of your work.

Robin said...

Lyrical Stitches
Lyrical Notes
Art Lyrics
Maybe I should have read what others wrote first although repeats might be good.
Have fun!

RoseMary said...

Why change something that is already perfect?
But I would say:
Lyric's Soul Art

Jaye said...

What about Lyrical Thoughts?

I think consistent branding is a good idea. You might want to include a picture over which you have written the name of your newsletter.

Lindi said...

There's some great ideas already thought up.

I'll throw one in:

Lyric's Word Art

kro designs said...

Lyric Art Journal
Slightly stuffy but to the point!

Jeannie said...

Lyric Art Gazette, Threadlines from Lyric Art's Studio, Just Surfacing from Lyric Art
Have fun!

Jeannie said...

Just had a synapse - A Note or 2 from Lyric Art

grafxkat said...

Lyric Art Threads, Lyrical Threads, Lyric Threadings or Lyric Threads