Monday, February 8, 2010

You make it all worthwhile!

It was a rough year writing the book and I certainly didn't do it for the money. I did it because I'm on a crusade. Too many women look at me with those sad, sad eyes and say "I'm not creative."

Sorry. Not True. Big Lie!!!!
Everyone is creative in some way. Usually they are wishing they were an artist but have never been taught - or allowed themselves the time and mental space to learn the skills an artist needs. That's what the book is for. Nobody picks up a pencil and draws like Picasso the first time - it takes time and work and lots of effort.

So - here are a few links to people who are working through the book and doing some beautiful things. First a picture from a fabulous group working together up in the frozen north. I believe this one is Carol's line study.

Kay from Indiana has made a lovely texture study (actual texture)

Quilter Beth's visual texture exercises are beautiful!


Lisa said...

I was just reading through your book again last nigh before bed. I haven't done any of the exercises yet. I just love reading your words because you are so encouraging. I love how every bit of your books says "Try, try and try again because you CAN do this!" Thank you!

Melly Testa said...

You are really encouraging. Gentle but True. I am buying your book today.

Jane LaFazio said...

got the book a few days ago. haven't opened it yet. Will!

Quilter Beth said...

I LOVE your book and really appreciate the encouraging comments you have made on my blog as I work through the book. Thanks you VERY much.

Beth said...

I know how inspiring your book has been to me and I love seeing all the work that has resulted from your book, it's exercises and encouragement. How wonderful!

Shelly said...

Lyric, I have your book and absolutely love it. The first chapter on creativity is very inspiring.

Am I allowed to mention another book on creativity that is a real gem? It's called The Artist's Way and it's by Julia Cameron. It has a 12 week program designed to unblock the reader's creativity. I'm working my way through it and it is definitly helping.

Thanks again for such an amazing, useful book. I'm hoping to get back to it this weekend to do some more exercies.