Thursday, June 3, 2010

Carrying Cases

I was inspired by Melanie Testa's sweet little pen case tutorial.

I had a scrap of fun screen printed fabric laying about and found some scrap batting.
A little linear free motion quilting in a few thread colors and viola!
Now I get to carry around one of my favorite vintage buttons and my pens can travel in style.

 I had a few other things laying about that needed travel cases.
I keep penny whistles and my recorder in the same turnabout desk organizer that I keep my scissors in.
Sometimes I take a little break and drive my family nuts with some whistling.

My poor little laptop is in the shop. It is a very good thing.
I waste far too much time online and now I'm diddling about in the studio instead.


Lisa said...

Beautiful! You should make a case for the laptop too while you're at it.

Linda Robertus said...

Mmmm, lovely! I'm sure I have some screen printed fabric somewhere... ;-)

Carol C said...

Very nice. I saw Melanie's case too but just haven't gotten around to it yet. One day soon I hope!

Jeannie said...

Beautiful! Your fabrics are so gorgeous. Have a great weekend.

Alma Stoller said...

oh I love it. Love the fabric too.


Melly Testa said...

Nice Job! I like you rounded corners! And, I agree on computer use and internet time. Such an easy relax! Also love the photo montage in a later post.