Tuesday, August 3, 2010

For Your Inspiration: Upcycled Sweaters

It's hot 'O hundred degrees outside and what am I thinking about? Recycling wool sweaters. I've got one or two woolies all washed up and nicely shrunken and eventually I'll get around to making a purse or something from them. In the meantime - here are some amazingly creative upcycled sweater creations for your inspiration.

Mixed Metals Necklace

Recycled sweater purse (orange)


Anonymous said...

so pretty! love to see what others are doing with sweaters. thanks for including me!

Pagano DesignWorks said...

NICE choices!!
Thanks for finding me and putting my necklace in such nice company!

les petites choses said...

wow, thank you!
and that turquoise creation is amazing! if mermaids wore sweaters, they would pick that one...
les petites choses

Diane Kelsey said...

WOW they really are fantastic, i didn't know you could create such lovely work by recycling.

Karen said...

Very "cool" wool!. The necklace is great!
Did you ever give away the Judy DVD? Just wondering, been away from technology and she is such a fabulous artist!

lyric said...

Got a little behind - planning on doing a review of the DVD and giveaway by next Wednesday at the latest.

Shelby said...

I absolutely love the purse, I would definitely love to have something like that! It is amazing all the things people can do with sweaters!

LynDee said...

The re-cycle, up-cycle images are wonderful. Thanks for collecting all of that fine inspiration.