Monday, August 30, 2010

For Your Inspiration: Another RED Day

by Dennis Jarvis on Flickr
Why is it I'm thinking I want to get away? I've just spent two weeks away. Perhaps it is the very long list of deadlines I have to meet over the next month. I don't deal well with the pressure of deadlines. I'd rather run away and hide. Of course it would be nice to do it somewhere far away and beautiful. With my sketchbook. And paint. And fabric. And machine and thread and beads and more paint and maybe even all the rest of the stuff in my studio. (grins)


LoieJ said...

These pictures are a real pick-me-up today! Thanks.

Jeannie said...

I hear you Lyric! I want to pack up all my supplies and head to the Oregon Coast. In my cozy cottage the bed is made while I'm on my walk and dinner is at the diner up the street. Soon, very soon!

HollyM said...

Beautiful photos. I don't deal well with pressure at all either. On the other hand when I've found myself with an abundance of time I can be lazy.