Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Family Ties II:

I would love your verses, haiku, thoughts!
Chosen words will be displayed with the artwork in a solo show in Cary NC.

Family Ties II: innocence

I'm so happy with the verses that have come in so far.
Keep them rolling in!


Sandy said...

What a lovely piece.

geni said...

Beautiful textures!

Judy Warner said...

What wonderful textures. BTW, I happened on your book in Borders yesterday and bought it. Writing it up on my blog in a few days. Imagine my surprise when I discovered this morning that I found your blog a while back and was following it!

Jane Teague said...

And life is born
From innocent canvas
Bursting with fire and energy
And kinetics compounded.

Jane Teague

Anonymous said...

PS Lyric, I am writing these right off the cuff. If you would end up using any of mine, I would like the opportunity to edit them first.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful Lyric! There is nothing quite like the 'big stitch' goes... haiku

No use..yesterday
Today I am loved and new
Beautiful! they say...

Antonija said...

THis one is stunning--so emotional.
Here's mine:

Innocence is stained
with sins of all those before
yet prevails indeed

Lily Kerns said...

Clouds drift south,then north;
Refugees in harried flight.
Winter wars with spring