Friday, January 14, 2011

Faces on Friday

Week Two of my 365 Faces 2011 goal

I wonder how long it will take before my drawings look like the person I'm drawing?
Above and below are the same two kidlets.
Length and width are something I need to work on.

 Some of my kidlets are even asking if it's their turn to be drawn each evening.
Mr. Almost Perfect looks serious in the sketch - but will NOT stop making funny faces.
My little pixie friend thought it was great fun - she really does look like a baby doll.

Neighbors and unsuspecting strangers are fair game.
These profiles actually look quite similar to the actual subjects - ah - progress!
 And yes, I can't count. I'm still enthusiastic and some nights draw more than one.
 I did spend moments here and there this week making a sweet little box to put the 3x5 cards in.
You could make one too by following Jane's tutorial here.


Jane Davies said...

Very nice! Again, inspiring, but did I draw faces this week? NOT ONE!!! But I am looking at your Friday Faces to remind myself to try again. Progress. Thanks.

lyric said...

Jane - I keep a stack of 3x5's by the bedside, and in the living room where we gather before bedtime. Oh - and tucked in my sketchbook too. Helps to have things right on hand.

Gina said...

You have inspired me to give faces a try during and beyond the sketch challenge!

HollyM said...

Wow! I shy away from faces because they are so difficult for me. i admire you for making the commitment and for sharing Your results. Thanks also for your tutorial. I followed along and did it several times.

Jane LaFazio said...

great faces and waay cute box!