Friday, January 28, 2011

Faces on Friday

 Very quick sketches while she's reading

 At a guild meeting
 The middle one is getting closer
So - the last one up there - how do you draw THIS!?!?

And a little eye candy for you and me just for staying with me this long.
 I ignored other deadlines and played with polymer clay - these might become new buttons for my coat. 
Every once in a while I need to reward myself with something completely non-pressure-dealine.

What things do you do that are "completely different"just for a break?


Amber said...

I don't think my life is organized enough to do something completely different for a break. Every part of my day seems different, and at this point its rather exciting. I sing, play instruments, bang random cans, make jewelery, play board games, take a drawing class, laundry, wrastle with the kids, dance, cuddle. This is a good life.
I recognized the picture of you AGAIN! :) A year of drawing faces is going to be so great for you to look over and see progress. I'm excited for where you're going. Love yoU!

Bette said...

Lyric you are doing so well with your faces! You are just too hard on many of us are on our own work. I LOVE the "buttons"! What did you do to get those stripes? I love the colors.. as they are MY favorites!