Sunday, February 12, 2012

I Love ... On-Line Students!

May I tell you how much I love my on-line students? The Artist's Toolbox (new session opens this friday) is an especially wonderful class for me to get to know these lovely people. 

Angela - value study
So many of them come in saying "I can't draw" or have real reservations about their abilities to create original art but by the end of class you see their confidence just blossom. 

Dahlia - depth study
 I truly DO believe that everyone is creative in some way.
If you give yourself time to learn and permission to be imperfect it is amazing what you can do.

Cindy - shape study
 Art CAN be taught. You can learn to draw through some simple steps and exercises if you are willing to put in the effort. You CAN learn to understand the basic elements and principles of design. 

Uliday - texture study
 If you want to be and artist, if you are willing to put in the time and the effort....

Lorelei - movement study
I'd love to share the journey with you. I feel an attachment with each one of these students.
Join me for
four lessons, $36.00 beginning
February 17, 2012

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