Thursday, March 8, 2012

Work In Progress: Rockstar Boro Skirt

More progress on the boro inspired skirt.
I've sewn down dyed vintage laces to cover the raw seams but haven't embroidered them yet.
At my current pace this project is going to be ongoing for years..... and years.
skirt front view - Lyric Kinard
 If you missed it - Melanie Testa inspired this project with a more true to form Boro project of her own.
If you haven't seen her new website yet - go check it out. It's GORGEOUS!
skirt back view - Lyric Kinard
 This will eventually be partially covered by more embroidery. I'm thinking this whole skirt will be a continual embroidered travel journal... which means the Disney Castle should show up next.

Here is a link to the previous progress posts for this project.
(I love alliteration - don't you?)


landscapelady said...

I've never heard of boro and followed your link to see Janice's work and it's very interesting. I googled boro and nothing came up except bars and city names. Is there another name for this that I can read about? To me it looks like raw edge patchwork done by hand with as much texture as possible? I doubt I would have the time to actually do this much but I like to try anew technique or art form in some small way at least once to experience it. Thank you :-)

lyric said...

It's a Japanese patchwork tradition, used by northerners to keep their clothing and gear in use far longer than usual - mostly because of poverty.
This link has interesting information:

Wendy said...

Oh thank you, thank you, thank you! I didn't know where Melanie was, or HOW she was, so
THANK YOU SO MUCH for the link to her new site!!!

Melly Testa said...

Your skirt looks fabulous. I am happy that you continue to work it.