Friday, February 3, 2012

I Love ... My Husband

On February 1st my littlest started dancing around and shouting "I LOVE February!? I agree. It's a great month. And I think I'll share with you some of the things I love.

I Love ...


He’s truly almost perfect. 
He’s thoughtful and sweet. Intelligent. Hard working. He makes funny faces as soon as a camera comes out.
In the 25 years I’ve known him he’s never said a negative thing about my appearance. Yet he puts up with our teasing and gamely let my brother-in-law take him on a make-over shopping trip.
Yet, every once in a great while he gives a little sigh and says, “I miss your long hair.” (it’s been gone for 18 years.)
So. With the little one’s in school I have a little more time and as a gift to him I’m growing my hair out. One year to grow it out, one year to let him enjoy it. 

Because I love him.

But I'll tell you here...

When he's not around I go a little crazy. It's in my eyes and tickles my face at night.

I get out the clippers to give my son a buzz and think longingly of just running it up the back of my head. I find myself with scissors in hand too often - tempted.

Then I make an appointment and go back to my hair guy and say - just make it not look stupid while it’s growing out. He does a good job.


Jeannie said...

Ah, the things we do for love. I grew mine out also for my love, and since I really disliked that process, long it has stayed. I figure I'll be one of those 80 year old women with a braid of silver down her back. Wishing you and yours a beautiful weekend.

Heidi Zielinski said...

I wonder why hair length is so important to a man? My husband also misses my long hair which I had when I was young and impractical. Now I like being able to go outside and not have it blow in my face and not have to put it into a ponytail so it doesn't fall in the paint/glue/etc. I'm working on! However, I am currently growing it out as he requested and will see how long I can take it. For him. Do you think he should know how much it annoys me, or should I just let him enjoy it? The answer to that is still percolating...

Anonymous said...

Thank goodness my husband says he is happy with my hair whatever length (or colour) it is as long as I'm happy. I too have a wonderful husband, couldn't ask for better. He is also very supportive of my work in patchwork, quilting, art and mixed media. Personally I think Lyric's hair looked absolutely great short!
Jill Bull, England

Robin Walston said...

I let my hair grow out a few years ago and I keep it long for my husband - for now, anyway. He loves it even though I think it is too thin and stringy to be just past my shoulders. He often comments on how pretty it is and how pretty I am. I'm ordinary to everyone but him - long it stays. It is my gift to him - a wonderful man who puts up with a lot from me.

lorihre3 said...

I love the longer hair, but understand the time thing! It looks good on you. When it gets long enough, ponytail!