Wednesday, October 3, 2012

This Blog has Moved....

Lyric Art

"Why" you ask? One simple reason. Ownership. The new blog is owned by me, not google/blogger. Nobody changes anything there unless it's me. I own all the content as well as the platform.

I sincerely hope that you will remain with me through this creative journey. You will find all the same wonderful stuff from this blog over there - more inspirational photos, artwork in progress, creative wisdom and encouragement.

Do me a favor and go there now, immediately look to the side bar and click the"follow" button! You can choose an email or RSS subscription. 
See you there!

On-Line Class: The Artist's Toolbox

May I tell you how much I love my on-line students? The Artist's Toolbox (new session opens this friday) is an especially wonderful class for me to get to know these lovely people. 
Angela - value study
So many of them come in saying "I can't draw" or have real reservations about their abilities to create original art but by the end of class you see their confidence just blossom.
Dahlia - depth study
 I truly DO believe that everyone is creative in some way.
If you give yourself time to learn and permission to be imperfect it is amazing what you can do.
Cindy - shape study
 Art CAN be taught. You can learn to draw through some simple steps and exercises if you are willing to put in the effort. You CAN learn to understand the basic elements and principles of design.
Uliday - texture study
 If you want to be and artist, if you are willing to put in the time and the effort....
Lorelei - movement study
I'd love to share the journey with you.
Join me for
four lessons, $36.00 beginning
October 12, 2012

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Apps for Artists: Snapseed

My favorite time killer these days is to play with my photos on my iphone. A very useful app is Snapseed
Here is the original photo.... good enough.
If I remember right - this is a "Drama" filter - kind of an HDR thing.
There is a "Black and White" filter as well.
You can add frames, boost contrast, crop... all sorts of things to play with. The learning curve is quite a bit shorter than I expected as well. Have fun with it!

Friday, September 28, 2012

Creative Wisdom: baby steps

Turn off your computer: go to the library. Bring your sketchbook along.
Randomly open books (over in the non-fiction section) and jot down ideas.

For Your Inspiration: Chicago

I spent an absolutely lovely weekend with my sister in Chicago.

(all of these were taken on my iPhone with the photo synth app) 

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Creative Wisdom: baby steps

Today - Taking Care of Business.
You know there is at least one thing on your list of stuff to do that isn't the fun stuff. That stuff hangs over your head and gets in the way of your creativity.
Take one business related activity you've been avoiding - and do it. 
(I'm setting up my new projector and live demo equipment. I've had it for months and haven't turned it on. It's about time - I've got to get a handle on it before heading out to teach in Houston next month.)

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Creative Wisdom: baby steps

Today's creative baby step - find another pile or mess that is in the way of your creative space and clean it out.

While you are there take a peek at a few materials, play with them, put them together, take a few pictures of your options.
 You might find that this opens a few windows to an idea. Or perhaps the floodgate opens and you just can't stop... flow with it!
So how has it been going this month? I hope you've been gently nudged into that creative place in your soul. I've done a little bit here, a little bit there... nothing dramatic. My studio is still half buried in piles of junk. But - half of it is useable again. That's a good thing. I didn't get any great works of art done, but I'm close to getting back into that creative place - where before the door was shut. I was burned out. I'm working on it.