Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Creative Wisdom from Pixar's John Lasseter 5 of 7

John Lasseter’s 7 Points (by way of Scribble Junkies)

5. Fun invokes creativity, not competition.
(paraphrased: It's fun that invokes creativity. Competition can kill it.)
“There is this idea that you put two people, who cannot stand each other, into a room, hoping that all this negative energy leads to a creative result. I disagree. Co-operation, confidence and fun – that is the way.”
“Creative people must believe that all others support them in making a great movie. They need to believe that all people involved understand what they talk about. Creative people are easily bored, moody, a bit difficult to handle. You have to make it fun for them, care for them. Creative people only produce really good work if you creatively challenge them. They have to like what they’re working on. They have to be damn proud of the fact that they’re a part of a particular project. That is again the task of the manager. Each time, you have to give them creative challenges. That’s difficult, but nobody said it is easy to lead creative people.”

This follows on to the last conversation we had - about nurturing a team and how there is an abundance to be shared. This point especially applies to teaching. Each student in a room is unique and comes with their own strengths and their own views. The best thing I can do as a teacher is to nurture my students. I want to help each student feel safe enough to explore and discover his or her own unique strengths.

Fiber Frenzy (photo by Francine)
I think this is a good point to apply to our personal relationships as well. I'm thinking of my children - and how sometimes they want to compete against each other, be it for my attention or to be the boss of each other. Thing go so much more smoothly if I can create an environment of fun.

Think of yourself for just a minute
Do the people surrounding you support and nurture your creativity?
Do you support theirs? 

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