Saturday, February 20, 2010

And the Winners Are....

You are a lovely and creative readership. You are both talented and clever. The people I admire the most are generous and open and sharing. I truly believe that whatever you put out into the world will surely come back to you and often magnified beyond what you hoped for. I wish for many wonderful things to come your way. I wish for you to be full of ideas and creativity and joy. Thank you so much to everyone who commented and contributed. 
Now - 
Drumroll please....

The winner of a set of cards - well. Actually. I decided not to choose just one. 

From the two posts with comments I used a random number generator and am awarding a set of cards to Rosemary of and one to Lori (comment number three on "Name That Newsletter." Again, thank you so much for all of your wonderful ideas.

And the name of my newsletter? I had SUCH a hard time choosing. 

Congratulations and many thanks to KATHY ANGEL LEE!

There were so many wonderful choices. As is often the case with me - I make lists, analyze, try to thing rationally, then end up going with the only thing that manages not to slip out through the sieve of my ever-leaking memory. After poring over the list for a couple of days, I keep waking up with the word LYRICISMS on the brain. So I looked it up and well, the definition says it all.

lyr·i·cism  (lr-szm)
1.a. The character or quality of subjectivity and sensuality of expression, especially in the arts.
   b. The quality or state of being melodious; melodiousness.
2. An intense outpouring of exuberant emotion.

Of course, now - there is now the pressure to be melodious and intensely exuberant. I have those moments but need to be a better editor for my writing to be continually melodious and it gets tiring to be intense all the time. Ah well. Who can help but wax melodic when sharing the joy of creativity and who can help but to be exuberant when the sharing of art is so much fun!?

Could each of you contact me with your mailing address?
lyric ( at )