Wednesday, May 16, 2012

For Your Inspiration: Snoqalmie Falls

 Near Seattle, WA
The roar - the volume of water - the spray - it was powerfully and overwhelmingly beautiful!

These panoramic images were created with Autostitch on my iPhone.
(I truly believe that the iPhone is the funnest toy and greatest tool ever invented!)

Rattlesnake Lake

On a side note: my mother and I both have brains that don't have any long term recall. If I want to remember something from childhood (even most of my teenage-hood) I call my sister and ask her about it. I don't have many visual memories - which might seem odd for a visual artist. The sense of SMELL, however, can bring back amazingly powerful emotions, if not images. This lake smelled like pure joy!  My family spent summers camping in the high Uinta mountains and we had a very happy family. Still do.