Friday, March 18, 2011

Faces on Friday

What an interesting journey this is - drawing a face each day. I can see some real improvement. 

at a concert
I think this is my best one of the week.
It actually looks like him AND captures his expression.

at a concert
on a plane - very, very fast
at a concert
I can see areas that need improvement. I pulled out all my 3x5 faces and realized most of them have chins that are too short. 

on a plane
from imagination
in the mirror
It feels good just to be able to see what's wrong now. It gives me the opportunity to know how to fix it.

on a plane, very fast
left - airplane seat pocket, right - looking into the black screen in front of me

Want to hear something crazy and fun? On the flight back I was doodling and my seat-mate said "you're an artist?" I said yes. He eventually asked if I could draw from a photo and if I could sketch his friend as a birthday gift. From a little iphone picture I did a fair (but not absolutely fantastic) drawing and handed it to him. He seemed pleased.
from the flight magazine
a Cirque performer