Thursday, March 12, 2009

The Big Goal

I only made one big goal for 2009
!!! MAKE ART !!! 

It seems the past year and a half was spent rushing around meeting one deadline after another. All good things for my career. All things that will support the artmaking but no actual making of the artwork itself.

This week has been bliss. My first week in months and months with no deadline to meet. I actually wake up and get to choose what to do. At least in the two hours a day that I have to myself. Usually I work frantically trying to get something I have to get finished done while everything else falls apart around me. (Especially the house.)

I weeded a favorite garden, unburying a stone path that has been hidden the past year. And then I pulled out a piece that was started several YEARS ago. It's the perfect thing to help me get acquainted with my new HQ16. The poor neglected machine has waited patiently since last fall for me to pay attention. It's going to take a little learning but we're getting there. So here's a sneak peak. The machine quilting is done but I think the work itself is only beginning on this piece.

Here's a sneak peak at the work in progress.