Thursday, February 9, 2012

I Love ... Teaching!

Last week I had the great good fortune to meet a fabulous group called Fiber Frenzy in Athens, GA. The Lyndon House Arts Center is a beautiful venue with galleries and classrooms. We had two days of serious fun - a stretched out Surface Design Sampler Platter

Usually I teach it in one day and it can feel like drinking from a fire hose because we do SO MANY THINGS all in one day.

In a two day class we had time to play a little longer. Here we're trying out some instantly gratifying citrasolv photo transfer - (tutorial here)

We played with foil - letting the magpie shiny sparkly things lovers come out in us all!
We were having fun - honest. Ignore all the wrinkled brows of serious concentration. 

 We carved stamps and screen printed - and LOVED every minute of it!

 Did I mention how great the facility was? Room for everyone to PLAY!

I had a teacher in high school that I loved because she would let me perch on my desk or the counter by the window. I found out years later that she was always telling me to get down. I never heard her. Not once. I must have been seriously off in La La Land. 

I still love to perch.

Larry Forte came in and put together a mini-video of the day at the Lindon House Art Center.

You can find all of these techniques - and a few more on my Quilting Arts DVD Workshop called Surface Design Sampler Platter. You can purchase it from the link up there on the right side of this blog. ;-)