Saturday, August 20, 2011

On-Line Class: Freeform Screenprinting

I'm teaching one of my favorite on-line classes soon over at
four lessons, one opening each week
beginning September 9th
closes October 29th - giving you extra time to do the lessons


  • Lesson One
  • Preparing your materials and workspace
  • The mechanics of printing
  • Paper stencil screens
  • Lesson Two
  • Found materials and other resists
  • Finger blending
  • Plastic stencil screens
  • Bonus - discharge printing
  • Lesson Three
  • Flour paste screens
  • Preparing images for Thermofax screens
  • Printing with Thermofax screens
  • Printing yardage
  • Lesson Four
  • Cheap and easy home-made frames
  • Glue and paint screens
  • Spray paint screens
  • Bonus - drawing fluid and filler
I hope to see you there! We'll have a ton of fun - and best of all, you don't have to haul stuff anywhere!