Saturday, July 17, 2010

Tutorial: Discharge Printing With Bubble Wrap

Do you love messing around with fabric as much as I do? The instant gratification of painting and discharging fabric is one of my favorite things about textiles as a medium.


Next week my on-line class Playing With Paint will be opening at Here is a little sneak peak. This discharge technique is just one bonus out of the four jam packed lessons that you get when you sign up for the class. 

On-line classes are different than live classes of course. While you don't get the face time - you do get interaction with me and the other students for a full six weeks. A new lesson opens up each of the first four weeks and then there are a couple of weeks of make-up time in case you don't have time to get around to trying everything. And believe me - you can cram a lot more information into four written and illustrated lessons than you can in one live class. I'll be there in the class forum each day commenting on the pictures posted in the gallery and to answer questions. Hope to see you there!