Friday, February 3, 2012

I Love ... My Husband

On February 1st my littlest started dancing around and shouting "I LOVE February!? I agree. It's a great month. And I think I'll share with you some of the things I love.

I Love ...


He’s truly almost perfect. 
He’s thoughtful and sweet. Intelligent. Hard working. He makes funny faces as soon as a camera comes out.
In the 25 years I’ve known him he’s never said a negative thing about my appearance. Yet he puts up with our teasing and gamely let my brother-in-law take him on a make-over shopping trip.
Yet, every once in a great while he gives a little sigh and says, “I miss your long hair.” (it’s been gone for 18 years.)
So. With the little one’s in school I have a little more time and as a gift to him I’m growing my hair out. One year to grow it out, one year to let him enjoy it. 

Because I love him.

But I'll tell you here...

When he's not around I go a little crazy. It's in my eyes and tickles my face at night.

I get out the clippers to give my son a buzz and think longingly of just running it up the back of my head. I find myself with scissors in hand too often - tempted.

Then I make an appointment and go back to my hair guy and say - just make it not look stupid while it’s growing out. He does a good job.