Thursday, March 3, 2011

In Stitches eMag blog tour

Gotta say - I LOVE technology! New things come along all the time that just make me giggle.
eMagazines along with tablets like the iPad are the wave of the future I think - although I'll always love a good paper book and magazine. But clickable links and video? Awesome!!!!!

Quilting Arts and Interweave have just come out with their second edition of
Read more about it the next few weeks from the authors!
There are a few giveaways along the way, including one here, so don't miss one!

Sunday (Feb 27): Pokey launches the tour!:
Monday (Feb 28): Jane Davila:
Tuesday: Lynn Krawczyk( March 1):
Wednesday: Jackie Cardy(March 2):
Thursday: Deb Bates (March 3):
Friday: Deborah Boschert (March 4):
Saturday: Michelle Allen (March 5):
Monday: Lyric Kinard (March 7):  
Tuesday (March 8): A surprise guest on Lindsey’s blog will be the final stop of this tour