Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Photo-Transfer Fun on Bonnie McCaffery's Vidcast with Lyric!

Last year in Houston Bonnie McCaffery, who is one of my favorite people, took a little time out to film a few moments of fun and photo-transfer. You can see the results this month on her website here:

Bonnie is also a wonderful teacher and a very creative artist. One of my favorite things is to see her teach a roomful of fearful women how to paint an absolutely gorgeous, and realistic looking face. Faces can be the hardest thing ever to paint. But she makes it easy. AND - she has a book and DVD that can show you how to do it yourself! 

So pop over and laugh with me through the vidcast. We'll take a peek at my book, "Art + Quilt" and play a little bit with some fun imagery. Say hi to Bonnie for me while you are there.