Monday, January 2, 2012

Reverse Resolutions 2011

Sometimes as you look forward to a new year and think about the mountain you want to climb,
it's very nice to look backwards and feel good about how far you've already come.
Snowbird Utah: photo by Marcel Kinard
Reverse resolutions are wonderful because you know you accomplished them 100%!
So here are mine for 2011

1 - Make some art.
Dream by Lyric Kinard

2 - Learn something new.
watercolor by Lyric Kinard
3 - Teach some amazing people and make new friends.
Eastern Iowa Quilters Art+Quilt group - OPA!!!!
4 - Venture into the world of self-publishing.
Bead It Like You Mean It by Lyric Kinard
5 - Gain confidence in my sketching skills.
Faces by Lyric Kinard
6- See some amazing parts of this country.
Montana: photo by Lyric Kinard
9 - Love my family.
They are the best thing in my life.
8 - Focus on making the world a better place.

Thank you so much for joining this adventure with me.
December was a very happy month
in large part due to the kindness that you shared with the world, and then with me.

There. That felt good.
What did YOU accomplish last year?