Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Work In Progress: a really big canvas

A couple of weeks ago I had the extra leaf in my dining room table (it's a huge table - I love it!) and I had my padded print surface covering it - all ready to teach a thermofax screen printing class. Later in the day, before I put everything away I pulled out this gargantuan canvas and started playing with it.
It's been taking up room in my studio for months. I bought it on a whim - thinking it would be fun to just play with something so big. I love the freedom and the instant gratification I feel when I'm painting a canvas. As much as I love textiles - they can be time consuming. The plan for this canvas is to hang it on my bedroom wall - eventually.
Rain by Constance Pappalardo
I have a little painting I bought from Constance Pappalardo that I adore. Mine painting begins with the same geometry and colors but I think this first iteration is just a base layer. There is more to come. Eventually.

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