Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Teaching in Montana

If you happen to be near Hamilton Montana
Join us!
The Artist's Eye
A Design and Creativity Workshop
with Lyric Montgomery Kinard
Monday, March 14
10 - 4, Location TBA
$60, includes lunch
 Come enjoy a day of constructive and creative play as we explore and expand our understanding of the visual language.
lyric book
 You'll learn
· How to overcome creative blocks
· Games designed to increase your creativity
· How to analyze your art with a clear eye
· Structure for a group critique session
· Quart sized zip-loc bag with fabric/paper/ 
fiber/colored magazine scraps to share.
Include some solids and neutrals.
· 8x10 or larger sketchbook
· Drawing implements of any kind
· Fabric and paper scissor
· Glue stick
 · Digital camera (optional)
 · One artwork for group evaluation

Register by calling 363-4064 or e-mail 

Art to Go

People look at my hand work and tell me they don't have the patience to do it themselves. I do handwork precisely because I do NOT have the fine quality of patience. I need to be doing something with my hands in order so sit through a practice or TV show.... although it's hard for me to remember the last time I had time to sit through an hour of TV. So much work to be done.

In the current issue of Quilting Arts Magazine I've written an article titled Art to Go that helps you gather together what you need to be mobile with your textile art. Excerpts are published on Interweave's Sew Daily blog here: