Monday, January 10, 2011

2010: Reverse Resolutions

I've been joining my sweet sister Amberlyn for the past several years in posting my
Reverse Resolutions
We look back over the past year to see what we've accomplished then write out each accomplishment as though it were a goal we had written last January. It's nice to look and see what we've accomplished.

2010 Reverse Resolutions
Be a passably good mother and wife (hi hubby and kidlets!)
Make enough art for a Solo Show (Tues 11th - gallery walk!)

Build my blog readership (hello friends!)
Drastically cut back my sugar intake and lose 30lbs
Get my Etsy shop up and running

Schedule 2011 teaching events in advance
Book Alyson Stanfield to come teach an Art Marketing Workshop next May in Raleigh