Thursday, February 16, 2012

I Love ... Simple Kindnesses

It's often very small things that bring joy to my life.

Valentine by MaryAnne Durr

For instance - the people in my neighborhood wave to each other as they drive by. I haven't seen it out and about in my town and it didn't happen in the neighborhood we lived in before this. But it happens on the streets where I live. It makes me happy.

Postcard by Hannah Koch

On a day when I received two rejection letters from art shows I also received this beautiful piece of art in the mail, a postcard with a little thank you note on the back from the lovely and talented Hannah.

When one of my children says "thank you" for a task that is usually invisible it makes me just go all twittery and happy. Smiles make me happy. Surely I can return the favor and perform some simple kindness for the world. Yesterday I bought a bouquet, took out one flower at a time and handed them to everyone I saw until the ran out. With a smile and a "Happy Valentine's Day". It went well this time.

What SIMPLE KINDNESS will you give to the world today?