Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Name That Newsletter - Whadyathink?

I absolutely LOVE hearing from you all. I knew you were smart and clever and would come up with some wonderful ideas. Thank you so much for your comments and keep them coming!

One friend suggested that it would be good for me to develop a consistent "brand." In other words my website, blog, etsy shop, and newsletter should all be recognizable as being from the same person. That makes sense to me. My official business name is "Lyric Art" so if you have anything that incorporates that I'd love to hear it!

Here are your suggestions thus far in no particular order. I've starred the ones I'm leaning towards but I'd love to hear more before I make a decision. Since you all have been so wonderful I'm going to add a second prize, a boxed set of six note cards. I'll have one of the kids pull a random number from a hat for that one. So keep the suggestions coming! If you have another idea go ahead and let me know! Winners will be posted Friday morning!

Lyrical Letters*
Lyrical Notes
Lyric's Lyrics
Waxing Lyrical
Lines from Lyric
Lyrically Speaking*
Lyric says enter here
Lyric's Headlines and Deadlines
Notes From Below the Surface
The Stitching on the Wall
Poetry in Motion
Lyric's Playground
Lessons from Lyric
Notes and News from Lyric
Noteworthy Lyrics*
Words by Lyric
Lyrical Moments*
Learn with Lyric