Monday, December 26, 2011

The Sketchbook Challenge: December Theme

I have a little confession. I'm having trouble with this month's Sketchbook Challenge theme. As much as I usually love such things, "trashed, ruin, and decay" aren't something I'm really feeling during this month of bright reds and twinkling lights.

decay: photo by Lyric Kinard
There isn't anything wrong with the theme at all. It's a fantastic theme. For my life right now -  it's just a timing thing. I've been struggling to even want to try to create something with the theme.

done: photo by Lyric Kinard
It's only sketching it right now that's holding me up. I want to sketch the poinsettia sitting on my desk now, not the dead stuff outside.

linked: photo by Lyric Kinard
On the other hand, put a camera in my hand and what you'll find on the card is tons of pictures of rust, cracked masonry, withered flowers.

withered: photo by Lyric kinard
Decaying things always have the most interesting textures, patterns, and colors to my eye. I love nothing more than peeling paint and fungi growing out of rotting wood. 

antique: photo by Lyric Kinard