Thursday, November 24, 2011

Artist Spotlight: Jill Berry

I'd like to introduce you to the artist Jill Berry
Jill Berry

Jill is a graphic designer, book artist, and painter. I love book artists. I love her work with lettering and maps especially.

Recently I got so excited by her GeoPapers Tutorial during the ARTSPARK winter tutorials blog hop that I had to rush off that night and start a new work based on her idea. You'll see more of that later, I'm sure.

I love the color in her work, the boldness, the lines that lead the eye on such a pleasant journey.
Jill Berry
I love that she takes one work and transforms it into something even richer and more interesting.
It's an idea that has me intrigued - and looking at my own work in a different way.
Art Book by Jill Berry
If it it seems like I'm neglecting the quilt artists, don't worry. I want to expose you the the people whose work inspires me. Quilters NEED to look outside of the textile arts for inspiration. There is such a wide world out there to learn from.

I'll be reviewing Jill's new book, Personal Geographies, on December 7th.

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