Friday, April 16, 2010

For Your Inspiration: Spring!

This weekend I'm attending the annual spring conference of the Professional Art Quilter's Alliance - South. Next week I teach in Paducah at the American Quilter's Society show. I've arranged childcare, made a million handouts, packed one of my 50lb suitcases full of supplies, shipped four boxes and have told my other den mother I won't be at cub scouts (scrub sprouts) next week. I still have a million things to do so what did I do yesterday? 

Pulled out my camera and spent an hour in the yard glorying in the riot of color that is spring in the South. It felt like the sun was pouring into my hands - and heart.

Most of the azaleas in the yard are repeat bloomers - coming out for an encore in the fall.

This sweet little azalea has creamy white blossoms - and they don't even turn brown and yucky when the temp takes it's usual late spring quick dive.

My bleeding heart is tucked in a corner and the blossoms hide under very bright lime green foliage.

My favorite childhood flowers are lilac and iris.
A few years ago I planted one of the very few varieties that will bloom here in the south.
They usually like cold winter weather and we don't get enough of it. 

The smell is heady. The whole kitchen is full of it from one small branch.

And of course this morning instead of getting more things ready I'm sharing my spring color with you. I still have a few hours before I need to leave. I have to gather my stuff for the conference, find a ride to the airport, print out more handouts (and of COURSE the printer is out of ink) and figure out an activity for the six year old's birthday party tomorrow. I think I can squeeze in a stop at the craft store on the way there. Any ideas? Helpful hint for squeezing in more art time: convince your children that a donut tower is waaaay more fun than a decorated birthday cake!