Friday, April 27, 2012

New Head Shot

The last time I flew out to a guild to teach, the first words out of my hostess' mouth were "your hair is  LOT longer than your picture." Poor thing couldn't find me in the airport. I suppose that means it's time to update my head shot with the new longer hair.

Whadya think?
I set up the camera on a tripod and took about a million self-timer shots.
This one turned out fine although it doesn't show off my white streaks as much as I'd like.
I call them my "natural highlights."

Or I could use one of these - but hubby thinks they have some sort of fish eye thing going one because I was holding the camera too close.
 I like the funky background better - but looking at it now - the focus is bad.
I will not whine about hating my hair here. Or that it took 30 minutes just to get it to look like this. With my spunky short "do" it used to take less than 30 seconds to make it look great. You can read about why I'm not cutting my hair here.