Saturday, September 15, 2012

Creative Wisdom: Baby Steps

Today has been a very busy day with appointments that have kept me away from the studio. So what to do?

Frame added with Snapseed - but otherwise unedited.
While I was waiting for my appointments I pulled out my iphone, which I personally believe is one of the funnest toys and most useful tools ever invented. I always have photos on it so I pulled up Snapseed - a digital editing app - and played around.
Today's baby step into creativity
find a "to-go" project

Boosted contrast, used center focus to darken the outer edges, added a frame.
If you have something ready to go you won't waste time while you sitting and waiting, or while watching the television or riding in the car. I have several on-going "to-go" projects. My attention span is short so I only work on them occasionally and they can end up taking years to complete. That's fine. The point is just to have something, anything, to work on. Take a sketchbook and fill it up with drawings of your hand. Fill a candy tin with beads and a little bit of cloth and sew them on. Hand embroidery works well too.

Can't remember - maybe it was the "vintage" filers that I played with - a little added texture. The sky really was that blue though - beautiful day!
See you next week. Be creative!