Saturday, August 14, 2010

Review: Judy Coates Perez

It’s amazing how time gets away from me. July flew by. 
Judy Coates Perez has produced two DVD Workshops with Quilting Arts and I’ve already told you that she’s one of my favorite artists. Both are simply done and straightforward. I think they were early on in the line-up of QA’s DVD’s as the set is spare rather than the fun studio background in the current DVD’s. No matter because the techniques that Judy presents are solid and informative.
In Painted Cloth for Mixed Media Judy takes you step by step through the creation of a mixed media painted cloth. She shows you how to adhere various collage papers to cloth, then apply wonderfully juicy layers of color. Then another layer of lovely painted design is applied so that your first two layers just peek through. She ends up with a wonderfully rich and complex piece of cloth that can be stitched into used for a quilt top or formed into any fun accessory you choose. Judy’s style is at once both beautifully simple and richly complex at the same time.
So - Leave a comment here or on one of the other spotlights on Judy and Monday I’ll let a random number generator choose the lucky winner of this DVD! Tell me if you’ve ever used paper on cloth. How is it to sew through? If you use it for something like a tote bag how durable is it? I’m having all sorts of fun accessory ideas after watching Judy’s workshop.