Friday, February 4, 2011

Faces on Friday

Welcome to Week 4 of my year long determination to learn how to draw faces.

 At a daughter's concert. Fast sketches then longer ones... using pencil and eraser
I think perhaps next year I'm going to need to work on hands. ug.
 Same concert - this looks like her!!! Friends of the kid I drew on the other side happened to be sitting next to me and kept looking over my shoulder. I ripped it out and gave it to them for him. They handed it back and asked me to sign it. (big grins)
 Sketches at church, my own "Calvin" from a photo. (Calvin and Hobbes)
This little guy is full of happy mischief and loves to make faces!
 Concentrating on the mirror. Kids said I looked mad so I tried a smiling face - goofy.
I like my spiky haircut.
Watching TV. From my imagination.
I've always secretly wanted pointy ears.

How is your journey coming along?