Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Work In Progress: Conjunctions

Part two of my collaborative process with the talented poet, Maura High.
Conjunctions by Lyric Kinard

Maybe it was just the back and forth of the wipers,
or that they were the only people I saw
on that stretch of the road, and the rain

was pouring over the windshield,
rivulets and deltas of rain flooding
a space swept clean and then filled again, the sky

drear and seething, the dripping, somnolent trees;
or that I knew nothing about them except
what I could see in passing and then

in the rearview mirror: that they were a couple,
middle-aged, in parkas, with their hoods up,
walking out of the woods, holding hands,

and that they found daylight there,
at the seam between this and other:
a gate and a path leading beyond it, an opening.

© 2012 Maura High

The imprinted silk from this piece and "Verbesina Ocidentalis" was eco-dyed by Arlee Barr. You should check out her shop - it's got some stunning cloth in it right now that I'm having a hard time resisting.