Thursday, September 2, 2010

Getting Ready to DYE

Kids on the bus. √
Get preschooler into car. √
Go back inside to find preschooler's shoes. √
Medical form dropped off to doctors office. √
Put preschooler's shoes back on. √
Find classroom and meet new preschool teacher. √
Gather up purple glitter play dough preschooler has scattered all over floor. √
Put shoes back on preschooler. √
Bring home a couple extra kids to keep preschooler busy for the next two hours. √
Open the 100 yd bolt of sand-washed Tencel twill. √
Drool a bit. √
Listen to preschoolers tattle on each other. √
Ignore preschoolers tattling on each other. √
Rip about ten yards of yummy fabric. √

Lunch - getting there.
Naps - can't come too soon!
Almost time to DYE!