Monday, November 21, 2011

Be Inspired!

Find Joy.
Where does your JOY come from?
My joy - and my peace - comes from gratitude.
It is a blessing greater than I could have ever imagined
to be here, with you, doing this.

Be Inspired.
I am continually inspired by the world around me.
My fellow artists and students inspire me with their creativity.
My family inspires me with their love and support.

Create Beauty.
The world can be what me make of it.
In any small way we can create order from chaos,
peace from sorrow.
Our hands, and our hearts can create beauty.

This week I'll be spotlighting some things that I think would be beautiful gifts for this season but I wanted to start with this. I believe we have been sent here to make the world a better place. There are numerous way we can do so. Shop local or support fair trade projects. Create with your own hands. Serve others with what you have. Give your time, talents, or simply your love.