Friday, June 10, 2011

Faces on Friday - back on the bandwagon

I'll bet it's happened to you before.
faces sketched during a graduation ceremony
You make a goal, do really well for a while, then things get crazy and you can't keep up?
faces drawn from one of James Christensen's books
It happens to the best of us. And it's OK.
from imagination - but modeled after James Christensen's work
It does NOT mean you are a failure.
both from a James Christensen book
It means it might take a little longer than planned.
doodles by Lyric Montgomery Kinard
In the larger scheme of things what does that matter? 
doodled during a meeting by Lyric Montgomery Kinard
(matter, that is.)
more from James Christensen's books
Just get back to it when you can.
Pick up your determination and continue to progress.
playing with profiles, J.C. style
It's all about progress.
from Jame's Christensen's books
Any step towards your goal puts you closer to attaining it.
doodles by Lyric Mongtomery Kinard
How do you motivate yourself to pick back up where you left off?