Saturday, December 10, 2011

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Joy in Service: Day 10 The Gift of Music

There was a time in my life when I wanted to be a professional musician. I gave up that idea when I chose to have children and mother them myself. It was incredibly painful and I thought I'd never be able to play my horn again, never have the experience of playing with an orchestra in my life again. 

I was wrong. Today I'm spending hours playing some of the most beautiful music there is with a group of musicians who come together just to share it freely with the community during Christmas.

I've spent hours at rehearsal and practicing but that doesn't even come close to what the conductor and organizers have put in. Or the soloists. Nobody is being paid for this but because we all find such joy in sharing music we are happy to do it.

I think one thing I've finally lived long enough to understand is that when you sacrifice something, things change... but often the change is beautiful.

Of course it was worth sacrificing that dream to have my children and be with them. But I had no idea of the blessings that would come from it.

I never would have imagined myself as an artist or someone who travels and teaches art to others. That never would have happened in the driven, single purpose, life of the musician I thought I wanted to be. I certainly have as much joy from sharing art as I do from sharing music.

And now I have music too. It's certainly different than it was. I'm nowhere near as good but this time, it's not all about me, and about being the best and beating out the other musicians for a chair or solo spot. This time it's about sharing the beauty and the fun of music.

If you are anywhere near Apex, North Carolina come today and share with us. The Apex Nativity Celebration is a display of over 800 nativity sets from around the world. There will be live music the whole day. At 7:30 we'll play and sing Handel's Messiah together. There is nothing like making music. Even better is sitting in the orchestra in the middle of it all. (I'm in heaven there!) It's just as good to be in a crowd of hundreds making this beautiful noise.

How can you share your talents and gifts today?
In what way, big or small, are you making the world a better place?

Please leave a comment telling me about your experience.
We'll inspire and give ideas for service to each other and I'd love to send you a little gift from my studio in return.