Thursday, January 17, 2008

Play With Your Food

What happens when you play with your food? This!

A printed and painted sketchbook cover. 4" x 6"

I've just completed and sent off a new course for Quilt University titled "Play With Paint." Of course I looked at my course samples from the live class I've been teaching for several years and didn't think any of them were punchy enough for the web so I had to spend several days making and photographing new samples.

Can you guess what food I used to print these roses?

In the process I did what I always seem to do and got a bit carried away with food prints. Yes... actual food. It's amazing what you can print with if you slice it and let it sit face down on a paper towel long enough to absorb excess moisture. Food printing also gets in the way of feeding the family. I'll be in the middle of slicing up a salad and take a look at the mushroom in my hand and suddenly dinner is half an hour later than expected. Just gotta go make some prints!