Friday, February 11, 2011

Gallery Walk

A good friend video taped part of my solo show gallery walk at the Herb Young Community Center in Cary, North Carolina. She caught me talking about some of the meanings behind "Malachi's Promise" and some of the techniques used in my paintings.

Thanks to Sonya Stead for filming. She and I had our first babies at the same time. She taught herself to play guitar, I learned to quilt. I have solo shows and travel the country teaching. She has a band called Sweet Potato Pie and travels the region performing in places like Branson Missouri. Go Sonya!

Faces on Friday

 At a meeting.

 At the airport.

From an ad for Lion King while on the plane.

At a quilt guild. Sorry ladies - these don't look anything like you and next year I definitely need to work on hands.
On the plane again.

Last week Sandy asked how to draw noses and how to draw expression. I told her that if I knew I'd let her know. My sister did send this link last week from Lackadaisy's website. I love, love love, this graphic artist. It's a great little tutorial on how to draw expressions.

As for noses? I've been trying is to pay close attention to the shape of the tip and rough that in first. Getting it in the right place is another story. I see progress - and much work left to do. But the important part? I'm having fun doing it!