Saturday, August 25, 2012

Show Review - Quartet: Celebrating All Things in Fours

While I have taken quite a break from entering national shows I have kept work in circulation in local art shows and thought you might like a peek at this delightful exhibition.

Currently Showing
At the Cary Art Center
101 Dry Avenue, Cary, NC (919) 469-4069 
Monday Thursday: 9 a.m.–10 p.m.
Friday & Saturday: 9 a.m. - 11 p.m.
Sunday: 1 p.m. - 6 p.m. 

The exhibit is in celebration of and in conjunction with a small music festival that is happening at the art center. I was able to attend the Lipkind Quartet's performance and truly enjoyed hearing those talented musicians. There is something so beautiful about losing yourself in the sound of a live performance. It's nothing like recordings - even with an amazing sound system. And I love classical music. 

Take Four (acrylic)
by Jillian goldberg

They have also had several events where artists have been invited to come and draw during live rehearsals of the Brussels Chamber Orchestra. Unfortunately my kids schedule got in the way. It sounds wonderful. One my favorite exercises from Art + Quilt is to doodle to music either with pen and paper or with free motion quilting.

String Quartet (fiber)
by Ana Sumner

String Quartet (detail-fiber)
by Ana Sumner

It's one small wall with a lot of work but hung so beautifully that it works. Having a little experience with hanging shows I truly admire the work it took to get this show to hang together. It's very interesting to see such a wide variety of media that works together. There is fiber, oil, photography, acrylic and mixed media.

Brass Foreplay (acrylic)
by Margot Holloman

Four Seasons (acrylic, mixed media)

Expectation (watercolor)
by Virginia Runge

I love this small piece. The jewelry is beautiful in and of itself but I didn't even realize that that is what it was on first glance. The frame, the textiles in the background - all form a cohesive and pleasingly beautiful composition.
Stone Age Pendant and Earrings (sterling silver, jade, jasper, onyx and howlite stones, fiber)
by J'Nai Willingham

I failed to get the name and title for this piece but I LOVE it! This is a detail - four canvases wrapped in different stockings to create a lovely pattern. Scroll back up to the first picture and take a look - it's partly behind the door.

And yes, my work is in the show as well - part of the Signature series that I've titled
Four/Four time (acrylic)

(Notice my lovely and oh-so-fashionable footwear. I've been wearing a boot for the last month to try and help with achilles tendonosis. Yuck. It's working though so I'm putting up with it.)