Saturday, April 23, 2011

Faces on Friday and making lemonade

Beautiful fossils from the
Natural History Museum
Yesterday was a making lemonade out of lemons day.

I had a 7yr old trooper who carried a zip-loc all around a very crowded Natural History Museum in case she threw up. I carried her all afternoon once her fever picked back up. It kept me warm on a day when we weren't quite prepared for the cold.

Audio books
 a driving mother's life saving device.
We enjoyed much more of a great audio book than we expected to as I-95 was a parking lot. Nothing like a great fantasy novel to keep a carload of tired children happy and their mother awake and less stressed about driving in the rain. Shannon Hale is one of my favorite authors for young adult literature.

Weekly progress - a face every day for a year.
So here are the faces this week. Feels a little like regression when I look at these results. Or is it just that I wasn't trying as hard most of the time - keeping it quick and light unless drawing from a photo. It was a good sketching week - enjoying it and not feeling like it was a chore. It's all about the journey.

Have you had lemons this week?
Did you do a little mental squeezing and sugaring?
Tell me about it.