Friday, March 9, 2012

Becoming an Artist in Italy

 Becoming an Artist in Italy
with Lyric Kinard
Arrive June 26th 
Depart July 2nd 2013
Registration deadline is 17th April 2013
The beauty of the Italian countryside is a glorious setting for awakening your creative abilities and nurturing your desire to become an artist. Inspired by the alluring village of Sulmona and the astounding beauty of the Asinomania grounds, you will learn the alphabet of the visual language, the basic elements and principles artist use to create their interpretations of the world around them. With the firm support and gentle encouragement of Lyric Kinard,  the 2011 International Association of Professional Quilters Teacher of the Year, you will take your first steps on a new artistic path, seeing the world in wonder through the eyes of an artist.
This class delves deeply into the basics of design and involves time spent observing, absorbing, and recording your visual environment. You will interpret what you see by creating easily understandable exercises in fabric and on paper in order to give you hands-on experience with each design element. Basic drawing skills will be taught - no previous experience is necessary. You will spend time working on an original composition inspired by Italy, and learn to evaluate your work and the work of others. You will gain the skills you need to make confident design decisions about your own work.

Days 1 and 2: The Elements of Art
    Introductions and explanations of expectations
    What are the basic elements of design, the alphabet letters of the visual language
    Texture, shape, line, color, value
    Explore each element with timed cloth exercises in our sketchbooks
    Basic sketching and drawing instruction and exercises
    Explore and find inspiration focusing on each element in the environment using cameras and sketchbooks
Day 3: The Visual Language
    Introduce the principles of design, the way the letters (the elements of design)
    are put together to create meaning in the visual language
    Focal Point, Balance, Symmetry, Motion, Repetition, Unity, Scale, Proportion
    Explore each principle with timed cloth exercises in our sketchbooks
    Basic sketching and drawing exercises
    Explore and find inspiration focusing on each principle in the environment and in the art world using cameras and sketchbooks
Day 4 and 5: The Artists Eye

    Continued sketching and observation exercises
    Students will begin construction of their own original designs
    Introduce the basic structure of evaluation, how to analyze and critique artwork
    Students will lead group critiques of artwork (I could bring posters if there is no local gallery)
    Group design exercises if time allows
    Final evaluation of student work - students will be let through the evaluation process, gaining the skills they need to make confident design decisions about their own work.
    Wrap up and review
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It's going to be the trip of a lifetime. Join me for a week of creativity, joy, and beauty!